हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.

Beetak Katha in Nepali

These are audio recordings of online Beetak pravachan by Shri Ramanraj Shastri, priest at the Shri Krishna Pranami Temple in Christiana, Tennessee. Nepali-speaking Pranami sundarsaths in North America (USA and Canada) dial in, twice a week, to an hour-long Skype conference call starting at 9:30PM EST.