हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.

Personified Consciousness, Joy, Intelligence

Mahamati means higher intelligence and Prannath means the Master of the living consciousness.
Mahamati is union of all (Indrawati and Shyam, Nij budhi of Indrawati with Noor budhi of Akshar, Shyama's soul aatma (which was present in Sundarbai and Rashul both in different times), and Dhamdhani's josh (Gibrail)). The awakened and enlightened intelligence of the jeev the conscious living being animating the physical body called Meheraj Thakkar became the instrument to deliver the message.
While delivering the message, the care is taken to credit the right source but all are in harmony. The awakening means rising of the intelligence within. Once one is awakened a person cannot do things an ignorant person does. Knowing the knowledge does not awaken the person. A thief knows he can be caught and punished for his actions, yet he does it out of his nature and ignorance. Tartam sagar is book of awakening and its purpose it to awaken the sleeping souls. Hence every words are in harmony with all above mentioned elements. Indrawati is awakened, united with Shyam cosmic consciousness, Shyama resides in her heart and her intelligence joins hand with Akshar's intelligence cosmic intelligence, the jeev is awakened too and is harmony with Indrawati who is named Meharaj Thakkar over here. Whatever names are mentioned, Tartamsagar reveals the truth.
When narrating Pragat vani in Prakash it is our master Shyam Shyama the Prannath is the prime speaker. While narrating Raas, the experiences of Indrawati is given and Indrawati is telling other souls. While narrating Kalash, Sundarbai-Shyama union is narrating the soul searching and the meeting with the Lord. The understanding about the world one cannot get without the cosmic intelligence of Akshar she says it very clearly. The mystery of world, its various rules and the nature are created by Akshar mentally. This cosmic mind operates in the cosmos when an individual tunes in with this mind one knows all that is in the cosmos.
In Kirantan granth, the understanding of the world, how the illusion spreads, ignorance, purpose of the creation all are told by greater intelligence.
In Khilavat and Singaar some are spoken from Satguru (Shyama) as told to sundarsath also what Rashul revealed and then revisited the same by Indrawati. None can reveal the interior of Paramdham other than the souls who live there. Yet it is not easy to deliver the infinite into finite hence intelligence of Akshar is needed and is used freely here. There is merging of wisdom existing in soul's heart and carried to intelligence which is somewhat external.
The games played in the heart is joy and the games played by the mind is sorrow.
There comes desire, the heart wants to see the mind and mind wants to see the heart.
The heart of the soul is Paramdham where Shri Rajji and Shyamaji reside and the intelligence is Akshar. Hence they are not two but one, still there is difference in level of joy, what heart can experience and what intelligence can grasp. The intelligence gains the joy from the experiences of the heart. There is whole domain of intelligence too Akshardham where too many leelas take place yet the heart of the soul represents the entire Paramdham, inside it resides the Shyam, Shyama other souls and Akshar too! The souls are so much engrossed in the sport of love that they are not aware who Shri Rajji is, whom they love and who they are! To bring the awareness the whole creation is created. Also, the intelligence of the self will taste the joy of within.
The heart of the soul is the Supreme consciousness Krishna and consort is Joy Shyama dwelling,which is the ultimate abode Paramdham where Akshar also resides. Thus everything is consciousness,joy and intelligence in form.
All is in one and One is in all. Everything is truth, imperishable, everlasting too. There is love which is not different from Lord Himself. The Love and Lord are one. He is a form too and there is eternal home Paramdham too.
All these are difficult to imagine in this world of duality unless we become soul conscious and by the eyes of the soul one can see and by intelligence of the soul one can understand. It is so difficult to grasp the concept that Veda said Neti Neti....
The senses and mind of the physical body cannot attain it as it is designed to detect the external objects but when one starts paying attention and uses the intelligence the mysteries are revealed thus becomes a scientist but only Love in the heart can lead to the Supreme consciousness and Joy. Thus it is not necessary that a great scientist is happy but a loving person is always joyful and happy.
As per Mahamati the intelligence will gradually grow in the world shine in everyone like sunshine at this all will understand tartam and science will be so advanced to prove it, so no one will have any confusion or doubt but before that only Brahmatma will make full use of tartam.