हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.

अरस मिसाल कोई है नहीं, तौल देखो तुम इत

अखंड आराम सबमें, चल विचल इत नाहिं।
सब सुख हैं अरस में, रहें याद हक के माहिं ।।१7 प्रकरण २७ परिक्रमा

यहाँ पर सर्वत्र अखण्ड आनन्द है. यहाँ लेश मात्र भी अस्थिरता नहीं है. इस दिव्य भूमिमें सब प्रकारके सुख विद्यमान है. यहाँकी सभी वस्तुएँ श्रीराजजीका स्मरण करतीं हैं.

In Paramdham Arashe Azim everywhere there is bliss and complete relaxation and over here there is no instability (no worry, anxiety, uncertainity). All the the bliss and happiness exists in the Arash/Paramdham and the mind is fixed on the remembrance of the Supreme Lord.

झूठ देखे सांच पाइए, इसक बल हिकमत।
ए तीनों तौल देखो दोऊ ठौर के, अंदर अपने चित।।६६ प्रकरण २७ परिक्रमा

इन स्वप्नवत् जगतकी शक्ति, कला और प्रेमको देखकर अखण्ड धामका अनुभव किया जा सकता है. अपने अन्तर्हृदयसे परमधाम तथा इस नश्वर जगतके प्रेम, शक्ति तथा कलाकी तुलना करके देखो.

Looking closely the falsehood one can understand/gain the truth along with love, strength and creativity. Within oneself with inner mind one can judge the three (love, strength and creativity) of the two places (world and Supreme abode).

ए झूठा अंग झूठी जिमी में, झूठी इन अकल।
पूछ देखो याही झूठ को, कोई अरस की है मिसल ।।६७ प्रकरण २७ परिक्रमा

इस नश्वर जगतका यह अनित्य शरीर एवं उसकी इस तुच्छ बुद्धिको पूछकर तो देखो कि परमधामके लिए यहाँ अन्य कोई उदाहरण हो सकता है ?

This body is false (changes and perishes), this world is false and the intelligence is false too ( involves in the perceptions and not the reality), question this falsehood, is there anything like the Paramdham.

अरस मिसाल कोई है नहीं, तौल देखो तुम इत ।
ए झूठा पसू बल देख के, तौलो जिमी बल सत ।।६८

तुम जरा तुलना करके देखो, इस जगतमें परमधामके लिए कोई उदाहरण ही नहीं है. यहाँके अनित्य पशुपक्षी आदिकी शक्तिको देखकर सत्यभूमिकाके पशुपक्षियोंकी शक्तिका अनुमान करो.

There is nothing in this world that is like of Paramdham, not a single example, you try to judge between the two. See the perishable birds and other living and their source of power and try to judge the power of true abode.

(All that is reminds of love the Supreme Lord. Lord and Love are not two elements they are one. So everything is encompassed in love which heart longs for and receives it all the time. The heart of Brahmshristi has tasted that divine love and yearns for it and when receives it, it becomes the abode of the Supreme and thus heart of the Brahmatma/ momin is called Arash and through these souls the entire world of dream will experience the love and thus the Paramdham, they will also reach Bhist which is eternal self of Shri Rajji. In eternal abode, nothing exists that is not Him.
It is the same in this world too, but we are disillusioned by the world of drama. The world is a game, a play or a drama. The fundamental cause of this world is to be what is not! Forget the self, forget the life, forget the living, forget the divine intelligence, forget the love, forget the bliss, not know the Master. He cannot be found anywhere no matter how you try to find it! He cannot be seen, He cannot be heard and detected by any senses. The world is designed this way to get involve in fights.
The slogan of the worldly is I am better than you, I am the Master, Malik. Some believe in God but again say My God is better than your God, I want name, fame, glory, wealths and riches all for myself, I give charity so lot of people know that I am generous, whereas I do not want to pay heed to any one, I want to be boss, everyone must work for me and everyone must be my slave, I am right and you are wrong. I am the King and want to conquer more and more, I am know all, I am always right. I am great while you are meak. When one sees someone other growing it brings pain and thus worldly being turns green with envy. Everyone must serve me and I must rule. One cannot rule the rich and mighty thus one seeks the weak and the meak or distressed. This is the ceaseless seeking a meak/weak, mentally derailed who knows not his own value such a being over whom one can rule. They do not seek the mighty Supreme and all knower. The weak too tries the same with the weaker!
The world is designed in such a way where the big fish eats the little fish!
The worldly is seeking for easy prey another being in trouble or weak for the sake of hunger in animals and for power in humans. There is no love and affection and constant ceaseless conflict!
When one does not find any power to hurt others, then they turn to God and say God will punish the other for their behaviour. God is used to control others mostly weak by powerful mind! This will not end until the world experiences love and the source of love is Aksharateet Shri Krishna. The day we feel enough of this world and its ways, we will seek Him, nothing but Him and then by His Grace our heart turns into Arash which is described in the above chaupai. Then we will not want and begin living and the consciousness of living and life will awaken the organs of the soul. The soul then sees the Supreme and unconditioned love will flow. )

हम ब्रह्मसृष्ठ आई धाम से,अक्षर खेल देखन ।
खेल देख के जागिए, घर असलू अपने तन ॥

हम सभी ब्रह्मात्माएँ खेल देखने के लिए परमधाम से इस जगतमें आई हैं, अब इस खेलको देखकर जागृत हो जाइए, अपने मूल स्वरूप परमात्मा तो परमधाम में ही है॥

We the celestial souls have come to see this world which is full of misery, ignorance,amnesia of self knowledge. Haven't we seen enough! Time has come to realise that we are the part of satchidanand (Truth, eternal conciousness and bliss) and our abode is paramdham.
The soul from Paramdham (arash) have to come to see the dream world created by Akshar. The creation and destruction of cosmos(universes) is Akshar's play. He creates these universes mentally and he does out of his nature and free will. Creation is nothing but a play a pastime of Akshar Brahm. The soul residing in Aksharateet dham with Supreme Brahm are called Brahmatma who desired to see this play, once their desire is fulfilled they will awaken in their own self of the abode.

होत नूर थें दूजा बोलते, दूजा नूर बिना कछू नाहिं ।
एक वाहेदत नूर है, सब हक नूर के माहिं ।।३०

परमधाममें प्रकाशके अतिरिक्त यदि कुछ होता तो उसके विषयमें कुछ कहा जा सकता. किन्तु वहाँ इसके अतिरिक्त कुछ है ही नहीं, मात्र प्रकाशका ही अद्वैत स्वरूप है. इस प्रकार परमधामकी यावत् सामग्री श्रीराजजीके प्रकाशसे ओत-प्रोत हैं.

In Paramdham there is nothing other than Supreme(Brahm)'s light. The unity consciousness is the light and everything including the Supreme is one with it.
All that exists in Nijdham/ Brahmdham/ Paramdham /Arash azeem is consciousness of Aksharateet Shri Krishna and nothing else. Only unity consciousness is the light and all including the Supreme Brahm Shri Krishna is in it. All in One and One in all!
In Paramdham I am as good as you and You are as good as me, there is oneness, I love you and you love me, I will do anything to please you and seek nothing in return from you and same is with you. There is oneness, unity consciousness, vahedat, advait bhav and love.

इन ठौर ए मिलावा, जिन जुदा जाने आप ।
इतहीं तेरी कयामत, याही ठौर मिलाप।।२१

जब ब्रह्मात्माएँ स्वयंको एक दूसरेसे भिन्न नहीं समझेंगी उस समय उसी स्थानको मूल मिलावा समझना चाहिए. इसलिए हे आत्मा ! यहीं पर तेरी जागृति होगी और तू मूलमिलावाकी बैठकका अनुभव कर सकेगी.

In this very place you can unite and experience the mool milava(original meeting place) when all the separation you know ceases. When the self gets awakened and gain the unity consciousness then think you have reached the mool milava (original meeting place). This which is your kayamat(awakening of the soul from this body) and you will experience the union just over here.
Mahamati Prannath urges all souls to wake up and realize their true self and unite with the Master here right Now.
prakaran 33 Shri parikrama

पार ना कहूं अरस का, सो कह्या बीच दिल मोमिन ।
ए बिचार कर देखिए बका, सो ल्याए बीच दिल इन ।।४

परमधामका कोई पारावार ही नहीं है किन्तु उसे ब्रह्मात्माओंके हृदयके अन्दर कहा गया है. जरा विचारपूर्वक देखो, ब्रह्मात्माओंके हृदयके अन्दर ही अखण्ड परमधामको अङ्कित कर दिया है.
The is no limit to Paramdham but which is within the heart of the celestial souls(Brahm atma, momin, chosen souls). Ponder over this about eternal abode which is brought by these souls in whose heart is called the Paramdham.
prakaran 34 Shri parikrama

जिमी चेतन बन चेतन, पसु पंखी सुध बुध।
थिर चर सबे चेतन, याकी सोभा है कै विध ।।३०

परमधामकी दिव्य भूमि तथा वन आदि सभी चेतनमय हैं. यहाँके पशुपक्षीकी सुधि तथा बुद्धि भी विलक्षण है. यहाँके चल-अचल सभी चैतन्य हैं. इनकी विविध शोभाका वर्णन नहीं हो सकता है.

The ground is full of consciousness so is the forest and the birds and animals have complete consciousness and the intelligence both. All the inanimate objects are also full of consciousness, there are various types of splendour.

तो कह्या थावर चेतन, अपनी अपनी मिसल।
ए अंतर आंखें खुले पाइए, पर आतम सुख नेहेचल ।।३१

परमधामके सभी स्थावर पदार्थ भी चैतन्य कहलाते हैं. अपने-अपने समूहमें ये सभी चेतन हैं. किन्तु अन्तर्दृष्टि खुलने पर ही पर -आत्माके अखण्ड आनन्दका अनुभव किया जा सकता है.

In Paramdham animate and inanimate all that exist is conscious (can feel) of their own kind. If one can see when one's inward eye (eye of the soul ) is opened and then one can understand the what eternal bliss the original soul in Paramdham experience.
प्रकरण ३८ shri parikrama

ब्रह्म इसक एक संग, सो तो बसत वतन अभंग ।
ब्रह्म सृष्टि ब्रह्म एक अंग, ए सदा आनंद अति रंग ।।२

ब्रह्म और प्रेम दोनों एक साथ हैं तथा दोनों अखण्ड परमधाममें रहते हैं. ब्रह्मसृष्टि और परब्रह्म भी अङ्ग-अङ्गीभावसे रहते हैं तथा सदा आनन्दके रङ्गमें रङ्गे हुए हैं.
The Supreme Brahm and the love are together, which reside in the original abode which are indestructible(whole, imperishable, indivisible), soul of brahm and the Suprem Brahm are one soul, here there is eternal bliss of extreme colours (everlasting bliss but with freshness, novelty, variety and intensity).
All are one and One is all!

श्री परिक्रमा

इसक है तित सदा अखंड, नाहीं दुनियां बीच ब्रह्मांड ।
और इसक का नहीं निमूना, दूजा उपजे न होवे जूना ।।६

ब्रह्मधाममें तो यह प्रेम सदा सर्वदा अखण्ड स्वरूपमें विद्यमान है परन्तु ब्रह्माण्डके अन्तर्गत स्वप्नकी सृष्टिमें इसका नितान्त अभाव है. इसलिए इस जगतमें प्रेमका कोई उदाहरण नहीं दिया जा सकता क्योंकि यह न कभी उत्पन्न होता है और न ही कभी पुराना होता है.
There exist love in Supreme abode which is whole(indivisible), never breaks, everlasting and eternal. This love does not exist in the world and the entire universes(14 lokas and other creations). There is no model to show the eternal love and secondly it neither is created nor becomes old. The love is eternally present yt there is novelty and freshness in it.

पंथ होवे कोट कलप, प्रेम पोहोंचावे मिने पलक ।
जब आतम प्रेमसों लागी, द्रस्ट अंतर तबहीं जागी।।५३

करोड.ों कल्पोंका मार्ग क्यों न हो, प्रेम उसे क्षण मात्रमें पार करवा देता है. जैसे ही आत्मा प्रेमरङ्गमें रङ्ग जाती है उसी समय उसकी अन्तर्दृष्टि खुल जाती है.
Love can cross the way of millions eons long in one moment. The path to God by other means will take millions of eons but by love one can reach instantly. When the soul awakens out of love, all the inner eyes will immediately be awakened (with this eye one can see God.)

श्री परिक्रमा

इसक बसे पिया के अंग, इसक रहे पिउ के संग ।
प्रेम बसत पिया के चित, इसक अखंड हमेसा नित ।।१९

यह प्रेम प्रियतम धनीके अङ्ग-प्रत्यङ्गमें बसा हुआ है और सदा सर्वदा उनके साथ ही रहता है. वस्तुतः धामधनीके हृदयमें ही यह रहता है, इसीलिए इसे अखण्ड कहा गया है.
The love is part of the beloved Lord and the love resides within the beloved. The love is in the mind of the beloved and this love is not changing, it is eternal and unbreakable.

इसक बतावे पार के पार, इसक नेहेचल घर दातार ।
इसक होए न नया पुराना, नई ठौर न आवत आना ।।२०

यह प्रेम क्षर तथा अक्षरसे परेका मार्ग बताकर अखण्ड परमधामका अनुभव करवाता है. इसलिए यह न कभी नया होता है और न ही कभी पुराना. परमधामके अतिरिक्त न इसका कोई स्थान है और न ही यह अन्य कहींसे आता है.

The love shows the beyond of beyond, the love grants the eternal home. The love does not become old and new, neither it has a place nor it comes from anywhere. (It is within the heart of the soul).

श्री परिक्रमा