हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.

Dutiful Brave Chhatrasaal

India's first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad's expression on
Dutiful Brave Chhatrasaal
During unveiling Maharaja Chhatrasaal's statue at Panna on January 28 1951
To establish the reminiscence of maker of India's proud history in the form of statue today's function is organized.
The ritual of unveiling of statue of eminent Brave gem Maharaja Chhatrasaal of Bundelkhand riding on a horse to be performed by me such auspicious arrangement is made and I am very grateful from depth of my heart towards Chhatrasaal Memorial Committee (Chhatrasaal smarak samiti) and all the people for selecting me. Those who by walking in the path of justice and observing the true duty bring freedom and prosperity to our motherland such virtuous brave persons does not matter what religion they belong, paying tribute to such gives immense happiness.
This is my first opportunity to be in this part of India. Respectable Thakkar Bappa had visited this place one and half years ago and then I had read his experiences published in the news paper. He had written a lot about Bundelkhand's natural beauty and scenic sights. Eminent poets like Keshav Das, Lal Padmakar were from your this province. Maharaja Madhukar Shah, Champatray and Maharani Lakshmibai are priceless gems of this land. Like Rajasthan this Vindhy land also is considered the mother of bravery. But sadly history has not paid any attention towards this province or has paid very less attention.
It is very surprising that name of great hero like Maharaja Chhatrasaal is not even ordinarily mentioned in prevalent historical texts. The very little information that we get about this great hero of the nation gives us great detail of his love of freedom, justice and spiritual devotion towards God. To protect the freedom of the country, Maharaja Chhatrasaal fought till the advanced age of 80 years. He established and ruled a very big nation. And this was the fruit of his natural strength, power and valour but he is eternally remembered by some very different qualities he possessed. First, is that he had no pride. At the Singhaghad fort he humbly took the mantra of freedom from Shivaji Maharaj. Even at very old age he sought help from Peshwa Bajirao. This one is Maratha or Rajput such narrow feelings did not exist in his large heart. Secondly, he always fought against narrow thinking, immorality, oppression and not for some caste or sect. In the army of Maharaja Chhatrasaal one could find soldiers from Rajput, Kayasth, Bhaar, Aheer, Dhimar and Baatee castes. Even sweepers were recruited in army and so were Muslim miyaans. People from different castes and religions were equally respected. Maharaja Chhatrasaal like Shivaji Maharaj always treated the women from Muslim community like his own daughter and sister. Thirdly, in any war he never betrayed his opponent and never attacked a soldier without weapon. Whether at the battle field or ruling the country Maharaja Chhatrasaal always supported justice. These courageous qualities he received from his father Champatrai as his succession of inheritance.
Maharaja Chhatrasaal was full of gratitude. Maharaja Chhatrasaal, after becoming King did not forget Mahabali who had offered him horse rides in his childhood. He called his horse by title 'bhale bhai' which means good brother. Chhatrasaal Maharaj's great qualities are very well known. The great poet Bhushan found the honour he received in Chhatrapati Sahu's court far less when emperor Chhatrasaal came over to carry the palanquin on his shoulders. The poet had to humbly acknowledge this unique display of great quality by this couplet.

aur raav raaja kou man me na laaum ab |
sahuko sarahoom, ke sarahom chhatrasaal ko ||

(Other Raos, Kings I will no more pay attention to any one now,
Either appreciate Sahu or appreciate Chhatrasaal)

Maharaja Chhatrasaal was a poet of higher category. In the book Chhatrasaal Granthavali there are devotional and political songs of great values.
It is a matter of wonder in life full of struggles how one gets leisure to compose such goluptious and splendid poems? In the brave heritage of Indian, this is quite possible. Glancing at Maharaja Chhatrasaal's poem one can understand he was very dutiful person and great devotee of Shri Krishna. Great Master Shri Prannathji influenced him immensely. Mahamati Prannath's impact are clear in Maharaj Chhatrasaal's daily routine life, political and spiritual values. For this reason Maharaja Chhatrasaal never became arrogant and proud about his strength and power and considered everything results of mercy of God and blessings of Guru. He always deemed himself only as servant of God and nothing else. When Aurangazeb in his ending days wished to honour him with position of Mansabdaar at this he said,

nar ki udaarta mein kaun hai sudhar,
main to mansabdaar sardaar brajraaj ko |

What improvement one can expect in the generosity of a man?
I am head of mansabdar(position of honour) of BrajRaaj (Shri Krishna)!

The virtuous one finds even life too petty offering in the service of others, such brave person can they ever forsake the shelter of Supreme God and accept anybody's favour? Maharaja Chhatrasaal always considered himself the servant of his subjects and not a Master or King. He was very popular ruler.

Our duty does not end here by establishing the statues of the great personage. This is only one type of worshipping the brave but the real worship of brave is only done by implementing the lives of great people in our living. Following their footstep is paying the true homage to great. To accept those qualities in our lives which made them great? And those qualities are sacrifice, penance, service towards humanity and the country, faith in God, trust and reverence. Let God give us strength that our free nation Bharatvarsh derives great qualities from lives of our great heroes by which we all by walking in the path of truth and love become the fitting citizen of secular nation and thus become the true servant of the people.