हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.

Serving only the Master!

I have a choice whether to serve Him or not.

No doubt He is almighty, powerful and great. He does not need me.
He is great and I am lowly.
He is all knowing and I am ignorant.
He is intelligence, the brain behind the creation and I am stupid.
He is beautiful, ever youthful, blissful and all that he is I am not.
But it is not about Him it is about me. I want to serve with all my living juice within. Also, this creation, living and non living all are His in that sense, I belong to Him.
The ego in me prevents me from serving Him in the same way worldly people stop me. This ego is also maya and is also part of the world that is in me. The maya's job is to take the soul away from the Supreme by creating doubts about the self and confusions in the mind, by sending the wrong person who will not give the true wisdom, by tempting with worldly pleasures, surround by evil people and by putting obstacles in the path. The world within and without is designed to keep me away from my Master.
If I think who am I to do anything, it is all He.... I am nobody, I am nothing!
What a mere infinitisimal, powerless, individual engrossed in maya can ever do anything?
But he created me, gave me life with living within. His eyes are set on me to see what am I upto now! He hides His form from me but not His divine presence.
I doubt myself or challenge the Supreme it is one and the same thing.
He is all powerful.... etcs. and thus choose not do anything!
Self Doubt is a crime in itself.
If I keep a condition that if He wants then only I serve, or if it is His will to do the task then only I will perform otherwise I will not then such condition is called ego... wanting God to beg to me!
If I succumb to any of the tactics of Maya I will be a misfit to serve Him not because of external conditions but inherent defects in me!
Then He will not plead me to allow Him to manifest through me. He will take another course, and I will not be His pen. He will manifest but not through me!
By mere thinking millions of universes are created why will He come to me and request?
I do not want Him to find another alternate, I want Him to employ me and teach the skill that I need to make me capable to fulfill His job for the soul. I merely do not want to know that Satguru/Mahamati tasted the eternity , got the ultimate truth but want to experience it too. They do not tell us read the books with meaninglessly and mindlessly. They did not write for mindless people but for the curious being who wants to taste the eternity.
It does not matter how mean I am or was in the past, I want His love channel through me right now.
It does not matter how stupid I am,I want His intelligence work through me.
No matter how disgraceful I am yet I seek His grace to flow through me.
I am no good for Him yet I choose Him and I seek Him and I want to serve Him UNCONDITIONALLY!
My Lord is the Supreme and He is greatest of all, there is no one beyond Him and He is the master of the universe, the living and non living and also my master. The good food, clothes, house all that I enjoy is given by Him. I will sing His glory, praise Him and participate in the awakening process of the self and other souls whether whole world likes it or not. I do not wait for His orders to serve Him, I want to serve Him for myself in whatever way I can.
Just like a little girl brings dandilion flowers to her mother and tells this is for you mom to show I love you, so I want to express my love to Him. Just like a river does not wait for ocean to call her, just jumps from the peak of mountain, runs in the plain and reaches the sea, I want to submerg in Him.I want to jump in the fire like that little moth!
I am not waiting for Him to come to me, I am ready to walk in His path. I am no longer anticipating His Will but I am submitting myself to Him.
It is upto Him to accept me or reject me but I have accepted Him! I surrender to Him.

Nothing in this world seems attractive and engaging any more, the birthday parties, temple visits, meeting with saints, sight seeing everything that I loved, I enjoy it no more! The physical body also is showing signs of giving up the colors in life. It is not very interesting condition to be but it is fine to be in it too.

Bones are cracking, Nerves are tingling,
Eyes are stressing, hair is falling, memory is failing,
muscles are loosening, not growing stronger but whole body is wrecking.

How long can this body serve and what will be when it cannot!
Witnessed asking for help from the world and the saw results out of the yelp!
When at my toes, there are so many foes,
When ridden at bed, be called nothing but dead!

World gives not a reward,nor a word of praise nor any wage,
but pointing fingers at each and every page!
Outwardly a display of sage but Inside there is burning rage!
The blood kiths or kins or be priests or friends all want the same,
Aspirations, Dreams, Inspirations, Freedom and Expression to tame.
Pushed to be made into a slave and told to behave!
Why so many blames and the complains,
cause the presence of the being is in vain,
the desired benefits are washed in drain!

I am world for you and you are world for me,
There is darkness in the heart which frightens me,
All the hurts, pains and unfairness I felt,
All are the experiences I needed to learnt.
For which I am very grateful and thankful to thee!
You did a great charity gave me those for free!
What about my worldly actions?
Do I not have to suffer the reactions!
There is something in me that really others hurt,
I must work hard to figure it out.
Accept my forgiveness and I promise you correction!
Let your heart be filled with peace and no agitation!
Consider me a fool, keep yourself cool,
Blame me as bad and you feel good!
Sorry World! Pardon and Forgive for being unfit,
Unworthy, difficult, lazy bone,an idiot, stubborn and misfit,
Literally, good for nothing, one cannot get much of any profit !
No profit, I repeat, this being reaps anyone No profit at all!
Accept the sincere opology and a request to kindly relax ,
Please forgive and forget
and think this troublesome entity does not exist!
Assure you O sufferer, once and double,
This being will not bother you and never ever trouble!

Have experienced the world and know its ways,
still have not been able to keep it away!
Be it status, power, money, name, fame and glory,
Look around and pay heed,
All wish to rise and want someone's shoulder to stand upon,
You will find everyone is in need.
One's difficulty is other's opportunity, One's need and want are not other's concern!
The world is seeking a prey in other, which is weak, helpless and dumb!
Watch those who go to temple and pray,
What are they seeking is a better pay.
They seek not the All powerful, All knower, the Lord of all lord.
They seek to be greater, this is the way of the world.

Know serving the world only gives agony and pain,
while people remember only mistakes and stains.
Let go! Let go! yells the self! Freedom from this bondage!
When the shelter of body becomes a cage!
I do not praise Your glory, nor sing Your hymn,
I betray you, Master of my soul, when I am young, fine and earning a living!
Will You still accept me when I am old, weak and dying?

In lows never followed the rich who are theives,
knew the real happiness comes from doing what one believes!
When beg nothing for the self, why for anyone else?
This being cannot be tamed, enslaved or made to carry a begging bowl,
has determined to serve the Supreme and fulfill the vow of the soul.

Tiny body, simple living, innocent mind in itself is a kingdom,
this heart is filled with Dreams, Aspirations, Inspirations and Freedom
Its a shelter of unlimited,unbound, abundant self!

Do not panic and Fear not the conditions,
Lord residing in the heart knows all the confrontations!
In my own feet or shoe of other's when there is some pain,
Whether I am here or there, when I am treated the same,
There is some defect in me for which I am to blame.
I am wrong, I must change, I understand.
Know not what is the defect and what I must amend?
When the inside tremble and revolt and yell,
Then I blow fires and tell,
This is no path of heaven but hell!
I am really scared of the Yamraj's beatings,
I am afraid of being abandoned and unloved,
I am frightened of being neglected and thrashed,
I do not want to go wrong and bring such wrath.
Going through the torment,
Must now sincerly repent!
Trust and be patient, cry and weep,
But do not react and no grudges you keep!
I want to be good from inside and out,
I want to bring peace within and without!
You are all merciful, You are so kind,
You know everything and my conscience,
Show me true path, guide my intelligence,
what brings essence of the self, bliss and peace.

No one but in Him trust, this is the mantra to deal with all situations!
O Lord! You are love and are very kind,
Trust in You by speech, thought and mind,
in scriptures and words of wisdom the truth I find,
that faith is tested in rain and shine!
Yet failed the test, performed the worst!
How bad and so terrible of me,
It's indeed very horrible to be!
O Lord! clean my soul and forgive me!
When seemed to lose all that is sound and falling to hard ground!
Lost patience and firm belief,forgot the grace of beloved Lord,
sought the help from the world of conflicts and shame,
the world gave what it had got, blames, complains and disdain!
Forgive me and let go I whine!
Do bring the issue of past for another time,
For God's sake, take vengeance tomorrow !
No! not now, I am in well of sorrow.
But I invited it and now need to face it, could not escape it!
No matter how much fingered and criticized,
No matter how much poked and despised,
involved not in retaliation, neither reacted nor judged.
brushed it all aside which was not relevant and replied,
and what made sense, deeply pondered.
Neither cursed anyone nor participated the game of blame,
Have faith that everyone's deed including mine and me,
will be judge with fairness on the last day by Thee!
Your promise in scriptures is my pill ,
I firmly believe this promise You will fulfill.

O God, You gave the invisible hand,
lifted calmly from the quick sand!
The tenderness cannot be seen but felt in the heart,
You are God and Your actions Godly!
witnessed your working and how different from worldly,
Learnt patience and hope in agony and pain,
Forgive me! O Lord! and kindly try me again!

Keep the intention clear, rest do not care,
pretty daunting to do so but can dare.
What is in heart that is in tongue,
When wrong, can easily seek forgiveness and still sing a song,
there is no deceiving the self, when am genuinely wrong,
there is no one to blame and play game of ping pong.
When right, still seek pardon and let go,
being right is far more dangerous to forgo.
Read and entertain self and write what hearts feel,
sometime it rhymes while other its a big deal.
Smile with inner joy and cry with inner sorrow,
cherish every moment,forget the past and no worry of tomorrow!
These are the greatest qualities of living to practice which sincerely follow!
Live a simple, humble, unglorified life and sometimes do not even fit in,
Yet have no complain, glad and happpy and live with light within.

Praise Your glory, and sing Your hymn,
Stay away from lust, anger and greed,
Be guided to perform the good deed,
Accept me O Krishna as your flute made of reed,
Only then will be totally freed!

I am so happy to know that I am living!
Although when I was sick and lying on bed,
I was living and knowing, witnessing and was not dead.
There is one who looks out of this cover and sees the world,
And there is another who looks after this self, who is our Lord!
I am sick or weak or meek does not scare me
He is there watching over and always there to help me!

Trust O Lord, thank you thee,
for all the graces you showered on me!
Your children in disgrace, pain and agony in any part,
Such news of misery affect my heart,
Feel guilty to accept Your royal tart!
I cannot enjoy nor have any fun
when I know there is someone
went to bed without any bun.
the dumb animals are butchered , inhumane human,
there is lack of consciousness while treating the woman!
The daughters in the land are maimed, raped,killed or acid sprayed,
Why their screams, cries and prayers never heard?
The sorrow I cannot manage! Neither I have any guts to bring the change,
Distressed and Helpless I feel, at such moment I cannot pay any homage!
Enough of this misery and the discrimination,
Either shower grace to all or fold up the creation!

The sorrow, the abuse, the pain, the agony and disdain,
avoid it not nor rebuke it nor refrain it or make any complain.
O daughter of mother earth, accept this helplessness, this misery,
This will turn towards the beloved One who can be forgotten in luxary.
The helplessness, the starving, the despise, suffering and stain,
you are not alone, the beloved Lord knows the pain.
Fear not the mountains of dispair and no outlet anywhere,O little dove,
Let the volcano burst inside, world is not a place to get attached,
The harshness of the world is a wake up call,
Find the courage and inspect the living, feel the grace and dive in it.
A pill to eternal bliss is search within the beloved's love!
See the dawn of beloved's grace and the sun rising upon the horizon,
The dawn of intelligence in human and the rising of living within.
The morning rays are creeping in through cracks and curtains cannot contain!
The chirping of birds are so loud and can hear it in inner mind
who can sleep in this bright sun light, even the lazy bones like me has to shake up
and strech up and wake up.
Waking up is so much fun... the living within can ke known. The world is long gone!
The sun of within is intelligence, the rays the understanding!
The tea of love and bread of bliss for breakfast, Eat it soul and experience the bliss of eternity.
Feel the grace, dive in it.

I am ugly duckling of my family.
My whole family has some pattern in them which I seriously lack. Externally I have some similarities but they are more smart, more pretty or handsome, they are doing good, well off .
I have poor memory and they have photographic one. They all love to chit chat and talk and spend their time in disco, drink and fun.
I am just different. I loved books to read and that was weirdest thing to do! They are fun and I am big bore!
Actually, I am way different. I think everything differently and there is nothing common.
When I was with them, I was out of mind, a trouble for them and whole life which they might have to bear they expressed their fear. My presence was continuous anxiety and conflict all that I cannot share.
It is best for all of us, I must be out of here I thought.
Now still there are complains, grudges, finger pointing, blaming and despair.
They say I am insane not to seek their company. How can I live without saluting them, glorifying them, how great they are and how insignificant I am!
I am ugly duckling was ridiculed and mocked at.
But I chose to let go all this and walked out.
I have nothing to complain or finger point,
I am happy with myself, God in heart and hard reality without!

कहावतें और नसीहतें तो सभी अच्छे से दूसरों को देतें हैं,
ख़ुदा गवाह और करनी का फल सभी मुह से कहते हैं
मंदिर मस्जिद जाकर फूल भी चढातें हैं
इश्क और प्रेम की आलापे भी गाते हैं
सचाई की जीत और झूठे का मूह काला मानते भी हैं
दूसरों को उपदेश देने में एक दम तत्पर होते हैं
परन्तु जब खुद पर आजमाने की बारी आती है तब बिरले ही खरे उतरते हैं?

The days and nights are a symbol of our inner world. When the body sleeps what happens to the consciousness! The person in deep sleep does not know about oneself. The consciousness comes back when one wakes up. The subconscious mind does not rest anytime of living. It is that mind which runs the heart/brain/liver and digests the food and other works which conscious mind does not do. But this mind also needs rest and sleep. When this mind takes a rest it is called death (all organs stop working and the body decays) and when it is up it is in another body. The subconscious mind functions independently but also takes input from the conscious mind and tries to materialize the desires sought by conscious mind. What we input to subconscious mind consciously or unconsciously, it takes it as it is and runs the program as in computing and if there is a bug, the body experiences the crash. So consciously program our subconsciousness mind is a good practice and it needs awareness of what we are saying, doing and thinking, when we are able to access this mind it is called living fully and this is waking up after this there is no death!
When we become total conscious about ourselves in thinking, talking and doing, we can correct the past program by using intellect and this will help us to see the reality and thus perceptions will come to an end.
But this seems easy to say but while doing the unconsciousness/forgetfulness habits kicks in and we fail!
My experience is until we are fully aware we will follow the past programming(genetic coding, environment, family & friend influence) by default. For some people advice and knowledge helps while for others experience teaches a valuable lessons. And people like me need constant reminder, help from Almighty to have mercy and change the kumati to sumati.(the intelligence that helps discrimination must first change). Also, all the people who are suffering because I did something wrong in the past or present, please forgive me I pray and if my deeds are so unpardonable then I pray to Shri Rajji to bless their heart with peace.
I do not trust myself so much, so I put full faith in Nijnaam which promises "chhut jaaye sab vikaar" and aksharateet Bhartaar, this is my one and only hope. Now, the ball is in our Shri Raaj's court. I pray Shri Krishna, Shyama var who is truth to bestow some grace.
Arjun who was confused and he got all the advice without even seeking but by being receptive. I am unaware of myself. I am not sure of being so receptive too!
When Vishnu Krishna can bestow grace upon Arjun and enlighten him, our Shri Raaj is the Supreme, all Wise, all loving, all Forgiving, Bestow-er of eternal bliss, all Know-er and always awake, can definitely do more to this infinitesimally tiny creature in earth who seeks!
Even if I am as bad as Duryodhan, I pray Aksharateet Shri Krishna who is the Master of all souls to forgive my faults and bring change in me and not to abandon me in my helplessness.
The Future
The communication is changing rapidly and it will continue, there will be need to learn one language understood by all, everything will be translated and knowledge will be available to all. The dressing sense will change and it will be accepted by whole world. The business and commerce will become independent of the geographical locations. People will be more conscious and also more aware about themselves. Slavery, Dictatorship and Military rule will end. Man and Woman both will enjoy the same rights (for some unknown reason all over the world women are not treated well). The internal beauty components like patience, caring, calmness, love which actually is within will be polished and the external cosmetics will be considered foolishness. A lady who speaks well will be chosen not the one who wears a better shade of lipstick!
Rise in consciousness, awareness, education, pure knowledge and information will bring change in the human behaviour. Truth from Wisdom of Great, Art, Science and Scriptures(all) will be translated and understood completely. People will be curious to learn about others! ("My book is better than other's" such sentiments will not exist). There will be rise in intelligence newer the generation higher will be their intelligence. These intelligent generation will explore the universe and reveal all its secrets. The value of a human life and human potential will be understood. Compassion and love will rise and the ignorance, confusion in mind, mood swings, depressions, anger, lack of understanding and decisions out of drive/interest will ebb. A person suffering from anger/envy/fear will be sent to counselling and medical treatment, that will be very abnormal behaviour to display or maintain. Schools all over the world will teach subjects about human like what brings more happiness and bliss and what brings distress,pain and agony, exploring human emotions, sensations, thinking, mind, identity, cause and effect, undertanding the human itself! The goal of schools will not to make children know more as information/knowledge/data can be collected/stored anytime using gadgets but to empower them with creative abilities and human potential. Each humanbeing is unique and has some unique competancies. Thus two humanbeing cannot be compared. A mathematician and an artist cannot be tested together such understanding will end the competition and the stress it causes. The factory worker attitude will be gone and the creativity and uniquesness, originality will be promoted. There will be a high demand of creative and original thinking people and not the color of hair, eyes, skin or shape of nose.
Human will be more humane! There will be robots/machine to help yet the human will be more independent, will have more control and self reliant like when one cannot fly to work one can work from home!.
Consciousness about one's action and its effect on other will enable people to work in harmony. The relationship between two individuals will improve.
The money/power will not be so much sought after but the peace of mind, bliss and spending the moments joyously! Everything will be a joy, learning, parenting or working! To do what we love to do will be the right thing to do and not what pays more! Human being will gain more control over themselves and the desire to conquer other's anything or control others or desire to become the "Master of the universe" will be treated like an evil design! The war over land aggression will be something wierd thing to do! The higher intelligence brings higher understanding, values, consciousness of pain and suffering, joy in true beauty. The owner of such intelligence cannot withstand the torture that happens in the slaughterhouse and thus the animals will be loved and treated well. The earth will be far more beautiful and pleasant (some event in our near future will teach us a lesson for treating earth so recklessly). Government will be needed to provide justice, education, health & hygiene, sanitations, cleanliness, food and clothing for the poor/weak. Transparency and auditing will make the vested interest people difficult to operate. People will volunteer to run it and there will be no ruler or more powerful person because of the position. The rich will be self reliant and will not need governance yet support it for other fellow beings! The children of 2060 will be amazed beyond wonder to read the history of 2000 just like kids of today get puzzled to read the history of kings, queens and slavery! When I read the history and compare today from the past I find the humanity is gaining more control and advancing in every area.

Holy Quran says about Isha Jesus who will come, break the cross, kill the pig like mind of the people (pig which loves to roll in the mud, eats, copulates and grunts) and speak from Quran, turn all to Islam (One true spiritual path seeking one God within)!

Dhani Devachandraji was son of Kunvar bai which means Virgin lady , who brought the true spiritual path, he broke all the symbols which directs people externally and showed path to seek God within as God resides in the heart of the soul.He brought intelligence and knowledge of beyond and granted it to this universe. His knowledge if practiced awakens the soul. The soul is truth and body is just a dream. The soul is eternal and imperishable and body is timely and perishable. The soul is in a state of sleeping, lacking its own consciousness. The body as long as is powered by the soul, lives. The knowledge of Dhani Devachandraji is for the soul. The soul must awaken and by the intelligence of the soul, the knowledge is fully understood or God could be experienced within. The soul can be awakened by the intelligent mind who believes this knowledge is true and starts working on it by practicing it. The living of within must be tasted first until that it is unconsciousness. Thus the body itself is a grave from which the soul must awaken. There is no external rituals no idols, no symbols to reach there, all energy must be focused within and only desire to seek Him. Thus one will find in the heart of the soul resides the Supreme Brahm, God, Allah , Shri Krishna. He also told there is one and only one God. Ved, Bhagat, Puran, Quran, Bible, Toret do not point to different God but one and only one. Languages,traditions, rituals vary but the essence of all the scriptures is One God.
He will definitely not come from Arash e Azim to kill some innocent animals. Pig is a symbol. It is a creation of God.
Scriptures are written in cryptic languages with signs and symbols which has so far confused whole humanity. He deciphered the codes of scriptures in layman terms.
Thus, the Master killed the unconscious in human who was living like a pig - awakened the inner self, he abolished all the religious bigotry and all has to follow the true path given by him and there will be no alternative but to believe in him.
Prem pranam sundarsathji!Prem pranam sundarsathji!
dhamdhani ko sundarsath ki pathi

hey mere prannadhar praanpati dhanidham,

aapke charanon mein koti koti prem pranam sweekar karen.

khel khel mein hamne maang liya dukh, khel khel mein maang liya judaai, khel khel mein hamne maar di apne hee pairon par kulahdee!
ab is duniyaa mein na braj ke kanaiya hai jahan hamara man sada sarvada lagata tha, ab is duniyaa mein na ras raas hai jahan hamara man naachta tha, ab is duniyaa mein na satguru hai jo ratri mein chandrama ban kar raasta dikhata tha, na hee prannath mihiraj hai jo man ke andhakaar ko surya roopi hokar subah karta tha.... na hee hamare paas bal hai, na hee nischhal man hai, na gyaan hai, na hee prem sudha hai, na hee jap tap hai bas andhakaar hee andhakaar hai....
pet bharne ka sadhan aur rojgaar hee sarvatra bhagwaan hai.
hey prannath yeh angana yahan par tadap rahee hai, yeh sansaar mein kitna dukh jhel rahee hain, tera naam lene ke liye bhi sansaar saja sunwaata hai, katon ke raah hain,
har jagah bas darinde hee darinde dikhte hain
yahan sukoon se jeena duswaar hai.
tu kahata hai sheetal karo is sansaar ko,
yahan bar sabhi mayavi balshaali hain,
ham nirbal abala tere dhaam ki yahan par pardesi hain,
yahan charo or andhera, looteron ka dera hai,
kahan jaayen sabhi jagah aag hee aag ne ghera hai.
nahi hai takat ladne ki aisee virat duniyaa se,
teri angana ka saty bhi kahate sabhi jhutha hai.

har samay tujhe yaad karte hain, tere sivay koi sahara dikhta nahi or tu bhi hai ki hame deedaar deta nahi.

hey krishna tera naam arpan har swaas par ,
hey aatma ke malik karo daya,
hey mere saheb tere sharan pade hain kripa karo,
hey prannath jeena bhari lag raha hai mehar karo,
hey dhamdhani soon lo pukar!
kaan pakad kar maangte hain muafi,
kar di bahoot badi gustakhi
kam samjha tere ishk ko, lekin ab ham haari!
ham haari saiyaan tu hee jeeta,
dekh le teri sahebi aur apni nirbalta!
ham haari hui, bejaan see, tadapti hui aatma,
nahi hai dam kuchh kar paane ki,
nahi hai bal ladne ki
bas rote rote tujhe yaad karna, mar mar ke teri aas par jeena.

ab yeh khel khal raha hai, man taras raha hai,
aatma ro rahi hai, dil jal raha hai,
paratma kab tak soyee rahegi, tu kyon uthti nahi hai?
ab bas hua shri raaj khatam karo sab kaaj!
bula lo apne paas aur rakho hamari laaj!

tere charon par samarpit,
teri angana

I am a living being. I am a human. I am female. I see, I hear and I sense the hardness and softness around. I grow not only physically but also within. I learn not to show off others but to apply in my living to make it full. I feel the pain and I cry also the joy and laugh. It is quite wierd that I love my work and enjoy.

I can feel the living within me to live a life but the whole world tells me to get back into the assembly line. Be a machine, be enslaved.

I am going to break free. I am going to live. I am going to give my daughters the joy of living despite all the corpses around.

दुनिया देखी, देखा इसका तमाशा
सच, झूठ, आशा और निराशा
दुनिया को मनाने हमने तन मन धन डारे
पर हाथ लगा सुन्या और गाली ढेर सारे
कोशिश हमने की और बहूत हाथ पैर मारे
पर हर जगह पर हम गिरे और सिर्फ हारे
... पतित हुए और किया कलंकित जीवन
प्रेम क्षुदा शांत न हुयी दुखी रही आतम
अब जीतने की नहीं रही कोई मनोकामना
हार स्वीकार करना ही लगे सुहावना
हार ही हार मिला कहीं न मिला प्यार
इसलिए अब आये हैं हे कृष्ण तेरे द्वार
अब आशा बस तुझसे और न कोई ठाम
प्रेम है तेरी जात पात इश्क तेरा काम
पुकारूं तेरा नाम जपु बस निजनाम
अब परवाह नहीं है क्या होगा अंजाम
गलती मेरी माफ़ करना, भूले तुम्हारे चरण
अब सब खो कर, ठोकर खाकर आये हैं तेरे शरण
प्रेम ही एक लिए, दिल से करे खुद को अर्पण
हाथ हथियार सब त्याग कर करें आत्मा समर्पण
देर से ही जाना की तुम ही हो मेरे नाथ
शरणागत है तेरा नाम, दया कर पकड़ो मेरा हाथ
न देखो मेरे अवगुण कृपा कर करो सनाथ
जीना है या मरना अब बस तेरे ही साथ
रंजना जुलाई १६ २०१३

दुनिया के गाली में बहूत ताकत है
सोती रूह जगा देती हैं
दुनिया के लातो में बहूत जादू है
भटकी रूह राह पर आती है
दुनिया के झूठ भी बड़ी प्यारी है
सचे परवरदिगार की याद दिलाती है
दुनिया के फरेब भी सुहानी है
जी को उठा कर खुदा से मिलाती है

जीवन की अभिलाषा
पेट भर खाना मिले और रहने को छत
करून परब्रह्म को प्रणाम शत शत
धन की कमी से रुकेना कोई काम
करून परवरदिगार को झुक झुक सलाम
सब हो स्वस्थ और न हो कोई बीमार
करून रब्ब को शुक्रिया बेशुमार
बच्चे बढे आगे और बने विद्वान्
करून प्रभु को धन्यबाद महान
विचार हो उच्च और मन हो निश्छल निर्मल
धरून अपना शीश मालिक के चरण कमल
हृदये में हो वातशल्य और दिल में हो प्यार
समर्पण करून सब कुछ तन मन वचन न्योछावर
काजल नहीं मैं अश्रु लाई हूँ, श्री कृष्ण आज मैं तेरे द्वार आयी हूँ ।
काटों की राह में नंगे पाँव चल कर सुकोमल नहीं फटे एडियों से आयी हूँ ,
झंझट से झुझते झुझते काली घटा नहीं सफ़ेद बेजार बालों को बिन सवारे ही आयी हूँ ,
खेल के मैदान में मैं खेली खूब पर जीत कर नहीं हार कर आयी हूँ ,
कलंकित हुआ जीवन धो न सकी यह दाग, दाग धब्बो के साथ ही आयीं हूँ ,
लाली गयी ओठों से, हुए हाथ पाँव अब भद्दे, देह नहीं मैं दर्दे दिल लाई हूँ ,
सारा ऊर्जा लगा दी मैंने पर अनादरित ही हुयी यही अपमान सौगात में लाई हूँ ,
देने को अब कुछ भी नहीं , न पुष्प न अक्षेता न चन्दन न ही पैसे बस खाली हाथ ही आयी हूँ ,
तेरे द्वार से अब दूसरा मुझे दीखता नहीं और कोई ठिकाना ,
अपनाए तो ठीक न अपनाए तब ही नहीं कोई अफसाना ।
कर्म मेरे अति निचे हुए भूल की मैंने अत्यंत भारी ,
लाज शर्म सब गए और ना रही मैं शुद्ध नारी ,
अब रोऊँ और दुखी होऊं और सर पर हाथ मैंने मारी ,
नासमझ अनाडी बन कर जीवन ही मैंने हारी ,
याद ने किया तुझे जब थी शुद्ध,सुन्दर, सुकोमल, रंगीन सपने आँखों पर
सारे बीज रेती में डाले पर एक भी अंकुरित न हुआ, निष्फल बीज हर
बेकार बीज, बेजार जीवन, खाली मन, कलंकित तन कैसे सोपू तुमपर?
त्यागु इसलिए देह मोह और जागृत करू आत्मा भाव
फिर समर्पण मन वचन से आत्मा को तेरे पाँव .

तुम दया के सागर मैं दीन
तुम प्रेम के गागर मैं प्यास भाग्यहीन
तुम सत्य मैं मिथ्या
तुम पवित्र मैं पतिता
तुम समर्थ मैं लाचार
तुम तेज मैं अन्धकार
तुम स्वस्तिक लाभ मैं हानी
तुम यथार्थ मैं कहानी
तुम परमार्थ मैं स्वार्थ
तुम प्रेमी मैं कामी
तुम अंतर्ज्ञानी मैं अज्ञानी
तुम हकीकत मैं ख्वाब
तुम सच्चे मैं झूठ
तुम स्वामी मैं सेवक
तुम मालिक मैं बंदा
तुम आजाद मैं फंदा
तुम शक्ति मैं आशक्ति
तुम जीवन मैं मृत्यु
तुम चेतन मैं जड़
तुम पावन मैं पापी
तुम मेहर सागर मैं याचक
तुम क्षमाशील मैं कुकर्मी
तुम सबकुछ मैं कुछ नहीं
तुम हो मैं नहीं
तुम मेहर सागर मैं याचक
तुम क्षमाशील मैं कुकर्मी
योग्य नहीं यह देह अब तेरे चरणों की पर आत्मा से तो हो सकता है मिलन ?

पियु दया के सागर हो नाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब कृपा करो हम पर पाऊं निजानंद जो मेरा ।

प्रियवर चेतना के श्रोत घट घट नाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब मृतक देह चेतन कर दो, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा।

प्रियतम श्यामावर तुम सत्य हो निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब त्याग दूं सब मिथ्या को, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा ।

पीया तुम ही प्रेम स्वरुप निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा ,
अब मन मंदिर में तुमको बसाकर, पाऊं निजानंद जो मेरा।

आकार त्रिलोक और निराकारसे परे अक्षर पार परमधाम के निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब इस धरा में जागृत हो कर, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा।

श्री राज तुम्हारी सत्ता है क्षर, अक्षर और अक्षरातीत निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब हुकुम करो तारतम वचन, पाऊं निजानंद जो मेरा।

मूल मिलावा रंग मोहोल में खेल दिखाते निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब तुम्हारे चरण के शरण होकर, पाऊं निजानंद जो मेरा।

पूर्ण ब्रह्म सनातन दोउ भुज निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा ,
अब अपनाओ शरणागत को, पाऊं निजानंद जो मेरा ।

ब्रह्मानंद श्यामा के वर निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा ,
अब पिलाओ प्रेम रस, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा ।

ब्रज में ब्रह्म को ब्रह्मा ने न पहचाना निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा ,
अब गोपियों से प्रेम लक्षणा भक्ति अनुशरण कर, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा ।

रास रमैया भजनानंद निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब रस रास में रमकर, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा ।

मोहन मदन तुम मोहमद निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब दिल में तुम्हारी सूरत रख, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा ।

ब्रह्म ज्ञान के दाता सतगुरु निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब आत्मा परिचय कर, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा ।

नित्य आनंद परम सुख के दाता निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब हृदये को निर्मल कर दो, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा ।

लीलाधर , मुरलीधर , माखनचोर, धनिधाम निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब मेरे चित को हर दो, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा।

इश्क- प्रेम पुंज मेहर सागर निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब प्रीत रीत सिखला दो , पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा।

पियु तारतम वाणी तुम्हारी सबसे न्यारी निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब मंथन करू और सार ग्रहूँ सत का , पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा।

दुल्हा तुम मंगल कारी हितकारी निजनाम श्री कृष्ण श्याम तुम्हारा,
अब कंठ लगाओ,पार उतारो, पाऊं निजानन्द जो मेरा।

When we seek help from others, then fundamental principle of life must be to think what it would be without the help and then be thankful to that person for the act of kindness, be grateful that person took care of our affairs. But I find people who are in the need of other people's help take help and instead of thanking and feeling grateful, say your service is appreciated and you made us proud of you by serving us excellently. To help such ungrateful and pompous people does not make one happy and if the action is driven by something better in return, then this will yield nothing but disappointment. So when we help, we must not have any desire for returns, even a courteous thank you! When a person is in need, we still need to help if we can whether the other person feels grateful or thinks we are born to serve! We must not change ourselves for the type of person we meet, I think!
Just a thought!

Once I asked a professional singer whether singing is a God gift, and found out it is only a small part of it, one can learn singing and if singing becomes one's passion and love, all that is required starts developing, I do not have burning passion to sing and be heard so I do not intend to learn it.
No matter how imperfect I am, I do not copy instead try to learn, but there are million things/subjects (sewing, knitting, painting,dancing,singing etc.) to learn and so I have my priorities, what to and when! In what I am not perfect, it is not because I cannot do it or I am stupid, it is because I am listening to different drums! Everyone listens to different drums and I respect them for what they pay attention to, pursue and accomplish. I appreciate it.

Have a happy holidays and merry Christmas.

Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant !
Let the dead Past bury its dead !
Act,— act in the living Present !
Heart within, and God o'erhead !
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

There are very beautiful memories and some not so of my own past! Wonderful childhood, school, college and university days and also the hard days. The cheers with friend and fears of exams! Loving, sharing, friendly company to confronting, conflicting ones! I have seen low times and high times.
The moments some cherish the heart while others nourish the mind. Enjoyed the joyous ones and lessons learnt in hard ones. The future was not a issue to me anytime.
A beautiful moment is now too! I do not have to go somewhere to fully enjoy my moments, I enjoy it where ever I am. When I am happy, the snow flakes in Michigan appears like flowers showering from heaven! The bright sun reflecting the white snow dazzle the eyes!
I remember all my days but I love to live in this moment enjoying the cherishing and nourishing present situation and condition!
Happy new moments to all.