हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.

gyaani vs premi

Spiritual knowledge can be summed up but not spiritual experiences!

When a new student starts learning and demonstrating the spiritual knowledge, the Premis promote and help the student while the Gyaanis (knowledgeable) feel threatened. Premis promote because they have tasted the unlimited and they know if entire universe tries to get what they got the ocean does not dry up. Premis are creative people while Gyaanis are competitive people. Creativity is bliss while competition is stress and anxiety. Premis know little but practice what they know is truth and reality. Gyaanis know lot but do not practice any, they make a living and thrive on preaching the knowledge. The life of gyaani is by no means different than the ignorant people in reality. Hence it is worthless to be gyaani if we cannot become premi and when we become premi then gyaan flows by itself from the experiences.
We know from meharsagar path that grace of Lord is an ocean, it cannot be measured as it is not steady, increasing millions of times in a moment, it is infinite, it is extremely magnificient, full of splendour, it grants scientific knowledge (beshak ilam) and divine love. It also makes one's heart as abode of Supreme along with the beloved Lord and all the treasures of Paramdham and thus creating new source of grace. Those who know meharsagar and never taste it are worried when someone else tries to explain it other than themselves. But for those who are drenched in this ocean are blessed with infinity within and thus will have compassion towards all and they will work towards making others taste this unlimited in this limited being. This is what Dhani Satguru Devachandraji and Mahamati Prannathji did when they were physically present and left Kuljamswaroop tartamsagar for the future sundarsath.
Mahamati Prannathji was born in house of minister of king, trained to be a minister and he became one too but came to roads just to enlighten others! Let such great sacrifice not go in vain. Lets strive to be premi.
Prem pranam sundarsathji