हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.


Religious view Vs Scientific view regarding origin of life

Brahm and Brahmatma had discussion. Brahm the Supreme said you have no clue how much I love you which surprised the Supreme souls who always felt they only love the Supreme. To prove how much Brahm loves Shyama and her sakhiyan there was a need to create a domain where there is absolutely no love. Akshar the truth embody of the Supreme has a nature to create and destroy universes. The supreme soul (Brahmatma) see Akshar and Akshar sees Brahmatma and both become curious of one another. Thus the Akshar gets command to create Kaalmaya Brahmand a universe which is bound by time(kaal) and it is not real but illusionary (maya). The universe created is of 5 elements which all are formless but combining these elements a form is created.
It begins by the consciousness (one that experiences, feels, sees, understands, knows itself) of Akshar entering into the Kaalmaya Brahmand as aadi narayan (earliest entity sleeping in water). After residing in water for 1000s years, it gets a desire to multiply hence three qualities (3 gun) are first created (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh).
Brahma is creative force. The creation is born. It also will gain intelligence by learning thus evolving itself. Learning, evolving and creating is first quality.
Vishnu is sustaining and preserving force. The creation will try to protect itself develop defences and also will multiply. The use of organs will ensure the using or fusing of those.To detect or sense the external surrounding the creation is provided with senses and also some instincts, these develop as per the usage. The constant focus on external, controlled by senses and desire to preserve takes the being away from itself. It is active in tasting outside and forgets the presence of conscious being the self.
Mahesh terminating force also contemplating. The creation will die. Also the death gives one the reality of existence of conscious being! When one tries to look for it one can understand the senses are tools to understand environment but one must control it and not follow it. At this stage one can understand the consciousness which controls the creature but is not part of it. The creature is called dead when the consciousness leaves and the 5 elements disintegrate and unite with their own kind, water with water, earth with earth, air with air, akash with akash and energy with energy etcs. All the creatures follow this pattern of creation in entire universe (all the 14 lokas).
The creation begins with one unit of life the original egg and one consciousness.
The egg hatches and desires to multiply and evolution begin. Major breakthroughs are introduced by avatars as follows
Matsy Fish (marine)
Kashyap Tortoise (amphibean partly land)
Varaha Boar (mammal)
Narsinha (Partly man partly beast)
Vamana (stout human being)
Parshurama (Physically complete Human being with axe, equiped with tools)
Ram (equiped with learning faculties, weapons, family, society and shows leadership qualities and other human qualities like patience, brotherhood, perseverance, persisitence, respect etcs) he takes help from some great monkeys to fight against Ravan.
Krishna (Music, Bliss, Love, Devotion, inner expression, establishing society based on values) He proves self sufficient to wage war against (senses, desires etcs) and external demons. He shows the path of love.
The false understanding of the self identified by physical body, relationships, emotions, thoughts, caste, gender, rich, poor remains.The waging war, conflict, agression is not ended.
Nishkalank Budh avtaar (Higher Intelligence, Logic, Reasoning, Understanding the higher levels of knowledge, Scientific thinking, Complete understanding of the cause of creation and the creator). Entire creation is ordained with intelligence.The pure consciousness of self is realized. All will understand that our physical being is evolved from one single cell hence in that sense whole universe is our brother or sister also the origin of consciousness is also from Akshar. Hurting others is hurting ourselves. Feeling unity consciousness makes our journey complete. Bliss, Peace, Love is prevailed.
After this there is no further avtaar! The evolution is complete.
Evolution is intelligence of the conscious being bringing the changes it needs to survive.
Science begins under favorable condition, cell a functional and structural unit of life is formed in water.
The cell division, mutation and evolution takes place. The cell develops various defences and other survival skills. Charles Darwin provides lots of proves and theories supporting it.
Thus the evolution of various species of plants and animals takes places. I think we have already learnt this in our school.