हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.


I write what I strongly believe and feel. I do not want to defend any beliefs, which does not allow the growth in human intelligence, which discriminates between man and woman or curtails individual freedom. I firmly believe that I am born free and nothing can bind me. I follow the teachings which promises me ‘Moksha’ Freedom, Satchitanand: Truth, Life and Bliss.

The man and woman are made different. The woman is made soft and fragile while man is made more robust. Some animals are very mighty,aggressive and carnivore while others are gentle, docile and herbivore. Why such diverse and unequal creation?
I believe deep inside we all are one and the soul is genderless and is neither good or bad or attached to any physical form and it can transmigrate to any other physical form whether it is currently in a man or woman or in any animals. And woman can be a man or man can be woman or can be animals, insects in next birth as per the karma. This gives me a sense of equality. I believe in front of God, we all are same. The relationship between all the souls and God is absolute.

I know God does not want a band of slave bowing before Him but the happy and proud people greeting Him with honour. God loves his creation and He loves humans more. Love frees and he has empowered humans to realise this freedom. I strongly believe God expects us to take care of the animals. I also feel animals love us more than they love their own species if we love them. I have experienced this love in cows, horses, goats, dogs and a sparrow personally.

It is the conditioning that does not let people accept any idea what they believe is not “their belief” or pinpoint any flaws in the traditions they follow and somewhere God is involved. We do not know his design and we cannot see the future. How come such a huge number of people are blindly following wrong pathS? Osama seems to have quite a following, why could he not lead his people to peace, harmony and love? And why does God let it happen? Why could he not stop a sixteen-year young boys and girls committing suicide bbing, brutally harming themselves and many others in the name of God? Why God did not come to save the girls facing dowry deaths? Why God does not come to rescue the poor people? Why God is letting the female infanticide happen in India? Why caste system plagues the society? Why God does not save all the Draupadis? Does God discriminate?
I do not have answers, do I? I believe in karma and that everything happening in my life is due to the past and present karma. Many a times, I am born to bear the results of my karma. This gives a sense of justice and also prevents me from further wrongdoing thus making me believe God does not discriminate.

I believe there is a single repository of consiciousness,like the electrical powerhouse. The process of breathing is the electrical cable which is connected to the powerhouse. The living beings are the electrical instruments designed with specific purpose. Likewise we all share the same energy from the same source but look different in appearances and functionings. It is just like refrigerator and the electrical cooking range or television. These instruments are designed to accomplish some task, so am I here to do my dharma.

One day, discovery channel showed that blueprint of the life is already encoded in our DNA. When and how things will happen are already decided and definitely the change in lifestyle will help but not always! It said to be able to read the blueprints will help to lead a better and healthier life. Thus the light of knowledge will end the darkness of ignorance, which leads to better life. Knowledge thus is power and not always ignorance is bliss.

I believe this powerhouse is equiped with the knowledge. This knowledge is omnipresent like light waves and can permeate space and vacuum.
I wonder why some people manage to get rid of bigotry, ignorance, superstitions while others cannot.There are many instances in my life where I held wrong thinking or interpretation, I could not comprehend many things, but when I seek deep inside I do get answers and I credit this powerhouse of knowledge for it. It is matter of tuning our frequency to these knowledge wavelengths. Sometimes we accidentally get tuned to this knowledge wavelengths and find some truth. The manifestation of Truth itself is God and God is truth this is I believe. Purpose of life is not on sheepishly following existing truth but being an instrument to unfold more truth. Like Edison invented bulb and many others evolved it into tube lights and energy efficient bulbs. Many saints and prophets found truth of life which needs to be evolved by experiencing and discovering more and more truth and which in fact will be a greater tribute than to follow it. Understanding the consequences of ignorance is awareness which creates urge to research and seek for the solutions. And finally, all the experiences and discoveries is again added up in the repository of knowledge.