हद पार बेहद है, बेहद पार अक्षर,
अक्षर पार अक्षरातीत, जागिये इन घर ॥

Beyond this perishable, timed and limited world exists indestructible, eternal and infinite, abode of Akshar Brahma. Beyond Akshar is Aksharatit, Wake up souls in this home.

The soul in slumber

It’s the dusky evening, standing at the bank of river Jamuna, do not know why, may be to fetch water. There is some sort of forgetfulness, may be mind has surrendered to the deep emptiness and intently listening to the sweet melody coming from the wood. The sun has set, but the moon has lit the night so beautifully, the stars in the sky are like a heavenly shawl studded with sparkling diamonds comforting the soul to go ahead. The Jamuna river is so cool soothing the blisters and burns of the day. The wood is so luring, the wild flowers smiling and tossing to and fro as if to welcome the inward journey of the soul. The emptiness and the amnesia felt much better than the knowledge of the entire universe. Walking in the wilderness, stumbled upon a figure just like ours and lo and behold it is none but our soul mate enchanting Radha. Her condition too not different from ours, do not know what she felt but we from head to toe, drenched in her love felt so divine. Heading towards the melody, the perfect moonlit night, the wildflowers fragrance, the softness of the soil under the feet, hand in hand with epitome of love-how blissful the joyous journey of within!
There He is! The radiant light of the soul. Krishna! We say and to His feet we fall. He gets up and stops playing the flute. Looks at us with so much love and plays with us for some time and then speaks. “What are you doing here in the middle of the night? You should be at your home.” His words felt like lightening thunderbolt pierced us. The sweet amnesia is over and grief filled the heart. “Aren’t we home"? we ask.
“Your family must be worried. Don’t you know the virtuous women do not go out in the dark?”

Your feet is our home, it is only where we dwell and we know nothing of the world so well. We are at our rightful place your feet is our solace!

The night was beautiful and enchanting. The flow of nectar of love from soul to soul. The songs, hymns and the dance. The joy of meeting and the pain of separation. The losing the sight of Him and finding within. The game of not knowing, amnesia, unconsciousness and understanding, remembering and being aware we played with Shri Krishna. The moment we became ourselves, we realized we did not see the world! How can one possibly be miserable when Lord is so near to heart! Not a moment is wasted in seeing the sorrow when the ocean of bliss is found within! The world of sorrow is not witnessed, we know nothing, we saw nothing and it hardly affected us!
Back we came, this time nowhere we could see our Lord Shri Krishna. The love in the heart completely empty, the intelligence of the soul tranquilized!
Oh the world of good and bad, sad and glad, lady and lad! Oh the world of values and virtues!
The night looked so scary with those ghostly trees. The clothes tattered due to the thorns. The moon hid under the cloud and the darkness surround. The chattering of the nocturnal creatures' sound and the wolves hound, felt so inauspicious. The river Jamuna has turned so cold that even the bones rattled. The world accepted with glee the love of the Lord in the subconscious memory. Tired, exhausted in the bed the body retired for the day and soul went to sleep like Snow-white, to be awakened only by the kiss of first (original, primordial) Love.

Many bodies changed and 100s of earthly years passed and the slumbering soul still not awake! Suddenly there is hustle and bustle, Shyama came to awaken we hear and went back. Why are we here alone now and how can we unite with beloved Lord? we ponder. We get a huge book which contains more than 18000 verses and told “A message from the Lord to call you back, a roadmap, a vehicle all is given inside, follow it well and this will take you there!”